Terms of sale: delivery, payment, replacement

1. Leaperlanders srls produces and distributes items in the footwear, clothing and related accessories sectors. Leaperlanders srls is based in Siena, Via delle Arti 2/b P.Iva 01487020529 Rea SI 200683.

2.The shipment of the goods by courier takes place within approximately 7-10 working days from receipt of the order and its payment. Since all the products are handmade, if raw material suppliers are late, a delay in delivery may happen: this does not give customers the possibility to require the interruption of the contract and the returning of the money transferred for the order. Leaperlanders srls will contact the customer to point out the problem and will set a new date for the delivery of the goods.

3. To speed up the delivery a telephone number must be provided, so that the courier will directly contact the customer in order to avoid stocks and multiple deliveries.

The customer has the right to return the product within 14 days of receipt. The returned good must be intact in order to be refunded. 

5. The payment can be made by bank transfer, credit card or paypal.

6. Prices include VAT, information in accordance with Italian Law No.185/99

7. The customer has the right to return the product within 14 days of receipt. This right applies to individuals acting for purposes not related to their professional activity. Therefore, purchases made by retailers and companies are excluded from the right to return. The right to return has to be stated by sending a written communication through A.R. registered letter to "Leaperlanders srls - Via delle Arti 2/b 53100 Siena" within 14 days of receipt. The statement must include the products codes you intend to return, indications on the modality of refund of the expenses and eventual bank account details.

8. In the event of a complaint and acceptance of return and replacement of the products, they have to be returned undamaged by the customer. It is recommended to wear the shoes on a mat or on carpet in order not to damage them. Once you have received the product and you have verified its integrity, we will replace it as soon as possible.

Conditions contained in this document may be updated or modified at any time and will be valid from the date of publication in our website, expect already accepted orders.

For any dispute, shall have jurisdiction the forum of Siena.